Convention Park Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan, 2017
~69.000 m²
Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic
Ivana Kucirkova, Ivan Rinaldi
Hoffmann Janz Architekten
Convention Park Baku

The park is situated in front of the Convention Centre (close to the Heydar Aliyev Centre) in central location of Baku. With its size of 6,5ha it will be open for public access 24 hours a day. It will guarantee a valuable open space area with high social and ecological impact. A main axis connects the Koroghlu Rahimov St with the Convention Centre, however the park is accessible from all directions. The heart of the park hosts the Water pavilion with restaurant and café. Water is a key design element of the park with two large water basins and one smaller one in the central zone. Additional spring fountains with fog elements are situated in the square area nearby. The island in the middle of the greater water basin offers an attractive panoramic park viewA skating area (with synthetic ice) is situated in the south-western part functioning in all seasons, offering as well the possibility of renting skating equipment. A circular path connects the front yard of the Heydar Aliyev Centre with the Convention Centre. Along this walkway we find different kind of playgrounds and rest areas. The northern area is dedicated to so-called garden theatres with long sitting steps and different sound installations. The park is a strong botanic statement for Baku with 225 new trees of a great variety and quality. The trees follow a dispersed pattern and are mainly situated in the lawn areas. Curved strips of ornamental grasses with some perennial plants create additional botanical accents in the outer tree belt. A square with plane trees in front of the Water pavilion, along the main access pass, creates an urban joint providing a shady rest area.